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History of ISENMANN Siebe GmbH

The oldest known screen cloths consisted of wooden rods or, for finer screens, of horse hair. The exact proof for the use of wire as mesh can be traced to the year 1556. It was used in ore preparation. The first patents for this purpose are from the year 1821 coming from France.

ISENMANN was founded in 1949 by Heinrich Isenmann in Karlsruhe. Until 1965, the main production included manufacturing fences and grids from steel wire. The economic boom in Germany required building new roadwork. Especially through the construction of the highway from Karlsruhe to Freiburg an increasing number of gravel plants and quarries surfaced along the Rhine.

ISENMANN expanded their production to industrial screen bottoms and soon delivered to all major manufacturers of preparation plants, screening machines as well as gravel, sand and grit plants.

The plastic material, polyurethane, was developed by Bayer Co. and was used since the 60's in screening technology. In 1973, Isenmann began with polyurethane screen manufacturing.

ISENMANN stands for quality and know-how to this day and acts worldwide through its foreign agencies .

1949         Foundation through Heinrich Isenmann
1965         Expansion of production to industrial screen bottoms
1973         Beginning of polyurethane screen manufacturing
1976         Establishment of the France sales office
1977         Establishment of the England sales office
1978         Development of "WS 43"
1980         Development of "WS 80"
1983         Development of "WS 83"
1984         Development of "WS 85"
1988         PUR screen manufacturing in the U.S.
1990         Relocation of the wire screen production to Panschwitz
2004         Development of the spray bar pipe protection, international patent protection
2005         Development of the finger screen
2010         Development of the magnetic mounting system WS 2.10, international patent protection
2011         Development of the spray bar gaiter, "bellows without folds”, international patent protection
2018         Magnetic mounting system for sreening machines, international patent protection
2021         Magnetic protection system for transverse and longitudinal girders as well as shaft tubes, patent pending



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