Conveyor belt rollers and PUR support rings  

Conveyor belt rollers and polyurethane support rings

Polyurethane products proven by Isenmann in Screening and Wear Technologies have now been
applied to Conveyor technology as well.

A number of popular support ring models in combination with long life roller bodies in optimised
support ring configurations have been developed to help lower production, maintenance and
cleaning costs for our customers.

The lower belt rollers depicted feature a 2.9 mm thick roller shell and reinforced bearings. External splash guard caps inclusive of built-in felt rings are fitted as an accessory for extended working life.

In addition the support ring configuration has been optimised in order to prevent roller shell destruction due to cutting of the belt. The support ring configuration is especially important because it is one of the most common failure criteria for lower belt roller destruction.

In addition to complete lower belt roller assemblies fitted with support rings and support discs
Isenmann also offer individual support rings and support discs for self assembly in accordance
with the details overleaf.











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