Spray bar GAITER  

The bellows without folds

The special Conical Isepren Spray Bar GAITER, designed and patented by ISENMANN is a flexible sealing component that is attached to the side plate of a screening machine through which a spray pipe is passed. It is used to protect and seal the spray water system in wet applications.

The conical shape tapers in an outward direction and is securely fixed at both ends offering a tight leak-proof seal. Due to the use of polyurethane, it is very flexible.

The GAITER features a long service life with high leak tightness and flexibility. This is possible due to the screening material cannot deposit in the bellows, but returns to the screening area.

Harder PUR material at the connecting flange provides a secure fixing to the machine side plate. Increase in the flexibility is possible due to one or multiple ring-shaped folds. A Z-shaped section also ensures that the material cannot deposit here.

We provide numerous different designs in size, diameter, thickness, attachment, as well as hardness and adapt our GAITER to your screening machine and spraying system. Contact us and together, we can find the right solution for you.

Your advantages
Deposits of screening material not possible
Reduced wear
High service life, flexibility and sealing
High resistance strength
Secure holding due to hardened attachment flange

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