Finger screening system  

Fingertip-sensitive screening
New ISENMANN finger screening system
for hard-to screen bulk solids

Suitable for screening damp and sticky bulk solids, and for separating flaky material.

Operating principle:
The screening rods are set into polyurethane mounting blocks and vibrate at their free end according to the characteristics of the vibration machine. Due to the differences in the diameters and lengths of the rods, and in the loads imposed on them by the bulk material, there are differences in the vibratory motion of the individual fingers, which ensures that the space between the fingers does not clog.

With the new finger screening system from ISENMANN

… an existing circular or linear motion screening machine can easily be retrofitted, so eliminating the screening problems  described above and averting the need to replace a complete screening machine.

… a very large open screening surface remains, and it stays free. Low throughput for a given size of screening machine with high costs due to frequent cleaning and downtime are a thing of the past!




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