ISECONE telescopic chute  

ISECONE – The telescopic chute

Stockpiling of bulk materials, e.g. coke, gravel, ore, fertiliser, sand and coal is predominantly carried out with belt conveyor systems. The volume of material in a stockpile is subject to fl uctuations as the quantity added and removed constantly varies.

This occasionally means that the material to be stockpiled may have a long drop from the top of the conveyor belt to the actual surface of the stockpile.

Dry bulk material contains dust and fi nes. Unloading material onto a stockpile is liable to scatter dust, which is detrimental to both the working environment and surrounding area.

This can result in problems for the operator :
• Contamination of neighbouring stockpiles (e.g. reduction in quality, non-saleable …).
• Impact on the environment and surrounding areas.
• Increased risk of dangerous dust emissions.
• Increased maintenance/repair costs (e.g. vehicle air fi lters, air conditioning units, bearing damage …).
• Work safety issues (eyes, nose, lungs, etc...).
• Complaints from neighbouring residents.
• Increased cleaning costs for grounds, buildings, machines, etc.

The use of highly wear-resistant conical segments manufactured from quality polyurethane makes for a longlasting product.

A wide range of uses suited to your requirements
• Minimises the risk of dust emissions.
• Improves employee working conditions.
• Improves the surrounding environment.
• Reduces material segregation and contamination.
• Improves product quality.
• Reduces maintenance and clean up costs.
• Eliminates the introduction of contaminants into neighbouring material stockpiles.
• Improves work safety.
• Easily retrofi tted in existing conveyor systems.
• The simple, sturdy and compact design of the ISECONE telescopic chute is resistant to side winds and offers
an excellent ratio between minimum and maximum extension.
• The number of conical segments used in an ISECONE telescopic chute system can be individually adjusted to
suit customer requirements, varying according to the height of the stockpile and that of the conveyor.






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