WS 83 interchangeable screen system  

WS 83 wire cloth and wire grid in connection with WS 85

Using wire cloths in connection with plastic or rubber screens can be advisable, for example:
• when the screen deck is overloaded
• when there are short-term changes to a different separation size
• when the mineral screening products are wet from the ground

WS 83 is suitable for
• wet and dry screening
• For wire cloth and grid

By using different cloths and grids with various wire diameters different clamping heights are required. As a result different clamping profiles are needed as follows:

WS 83 top bar:
• remains the same for all cloth and grids

WS 83 bottom bar:
• the measurement x is different.
• x = 15, for wire diameters up to approx. 12 mm
• x = 10, for wire diameters from approx. 12 mm upwards
• the precise cap whether x =15 or x = 10 also depends on the mesh size.

WS 83 side bar:
• the dimensions a + b will differ depending on the thickness of the wire and the type of screen cloth

• WS 83 - for support girder layout with offset
• WS 83 - profile bars with overlap and/or notch
• WS 83 - with support girder layout without offset

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