ISEREC flat-wire harp sieves  

ISEREC flat-wire harp sieves

The ISEREC flat-wire harp sieves are manufactured from upright, adjacently positioned flat wires that are held together by polyu- rethane cross bindings to form a sturdy square mesh. The pitch of the cross bindings can be varied and individually adjusted to suit the screening machine's support structure and the material to be screenedt.

When installed in a vibrating screening machine the upright wires of the ISEREC flat-wire harp oscillate as a result
of the large span of the polyurethane cross bindings. This means that screening can be carried out with minimal blinding and accurate separation.

The ISEREC flat-wire harp is a ro- bust construction due to the upright flat wire design; thus resulting in a service life several times longer than traditional self cleaning harps produced with round wire.

The ISEREC flat-wire harp is predominately used in highly abrasive and heavily loaded applications where damp/moist materials that are difficult to screen, tend to blind and stick with conventional wire meshes.

Type of binding:
•Polyurethane binding

Manufacturing options:
• Maximum wire screen width 2000 mm



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