Wire cloth and wire grids  

Wire cloth and wire grids

Norma Cloth
The feature of this kind of cloth is, that the wires are crimed at the crossing points in both directions as well as woven in tension.

The material used has a high tensile strength and gives the cloths a high dynamic strength and a long life.

Cloth of crimed grids
The feature of this kind of cloth is, that both wires are crimped many times and the wires are woven to cross at selected cranks according to the aperture size required.

The special feature of R-grids is that the wire cranks are only made on to one side in each wire position when compared to the normal screens, so that one side of the finished screen is plane and the other cranked. In general, the plane side of the screen is the work side.

The typical thing of a PS-grid is, that the straight wires are crossed at right-angled and their crossing points are then connected by pressure-welding. The result is a wire position at the top and at the bottom. In General the wires at the top position are parallel to the material flow.







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