WS 2.10  
  WS 2.10 mounting system  

Mounting system WS 2.10 for PUR components

The WS 2.10 mounting system, patented internationally, uses top quality wear-resistant polyurethanes thus making it one of the most innovative products of the mining and preparation industry.

WS 2.10 comes into play wherever wear develops. It is used for protection, to line machine walls, such as the side walls of the screening machine, cross-beams, corrugated tubing, slides, hoppers and chutes.

Because of its quick assembly without the use of tools, your plant is protected from mechanical wear without extended downtimes.

Your advantages:
No fasteners, such as screws or adhesives
• 3 – 5 times faster installation compared to rubberising
• Partial replacement possible (complete replacement no longer necessary) ⇒ shorter idle time
• No conversion measures on the plant such as welding or cutting; only a clean metallic substrate is required

The WS 2.10 mounting system is available as:
Wear plates
• Corrugated tubing protection
• Cross-beam protection
• Lateral protection bars
• Side wall protection
• Flat screen panels
• Transfer station at conveyor belts
• Slides, chutes, hopper lining

The options are unlimited.

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