LINETECH wear protection system  

LINETECH wear protection system with central hole

The polyurethane wear plates with perforated sheet reinforcement from ISENMANN represent the complete wear protection; they can be custom-manufactured for almost any kind of application, from mild to moderate requirements. The product is equally suited for dry and wet applications. The lined area serves both as wear and noise protection.

There are no limits to the application options; they can be used to line slides, hoppers, impact plates, stone ladders, chutes and many more.

The default dimensions of our LINETECH plates are 300 x 300 are supplied either in 25, 30, or 40 mm thickness. Any other dimensions are available as well.

We offer LINETECH both with central hole and in the WS 2.10 version (see mounting system WS 2.10 for PUR components).

We deliver LINETECH in fully boxed crates of 66 pieces (including fasteners), in half crates with 33 pieces (including fasteners) or individually.

Your advantages:
• marked reduction of the sound pressure level
• corrosion and chemical resistance
• long wear life and increased maintenance intervals
• significant reduction of noise



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